CWT360° Ep. 14: The History of Black History – Part Two: Sports & Politics – Who Draws the Line?

During this podcast, we are once again joined by Dr. Carl B. Mack for another fascinating discussion around the history of black history. We tackle the controversial relationship between sports and politics in this episode. Some have said and may say today that politics has no place in sports. However, whether it was Jackie Robinson and his trailblazing role in 1947, to the 1968 Olympics, all the way to Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling during an NFL game in 2016, history has proven otherwise. America has always fit politics into the sports agenda! The public needs to accept it. Professional sports figures need to accept it and realize their related community responsibilities. Change may be risky, but we need to continue to honor our legacy, take those risks, and use the platforms we have to keep moving forward. Justice and equality for all mankind is the ultimate goal.