CWT360° Ep. 13: The History of Black History: Part One

For this podcast session, one of two in the series, I am joined by the esteemed scholar Dr. Carl B. Mack, Civil Rights Activist, Author and Lecturer. Dr. Mack and I review some of the most important and painful Black American History milestones, especially when some historians seem to get it wrong. Our topics include preserving our heritage in this current polarizing U.S. political climate, the misrepresentation of Juneteenth, and all the complexities that surround the issue of Reparations. Unlike past podcasts, this session comes with visual aids supplied by Dr. Mack, so if you can, I recommend checking out the video version of this podcast, which can be found here: And stay tuned for our next session, continuing our discussions on Black history with Dr. Mack, coming soon!