Motivational Moment Ep. 15: The Black Community’s Maternal Mortality Crisis

I continue to focus on my Haliczer Pettis & Schwamm Healthcare Disparity Initiative’s mission to educate the minority community on healthcare issues. What individuals can do to take ownership of their own healthcare journey and learning how to navigate being a better healthcare consumer. Today’s podcast focuses on one healthcare disparity issue in particular, minority maternal mortality rates. The statistics are startling, Black women are 2x more likely to become victims of maternal mortality than white women. But it is not only the mother’s responsibility to maintain her and her baby’s health and avoid becoming a victim, the government and the healthcare industry also needs to aid and take ownership of these issues.  I encourage my listeners to consider sending this podcast episode to any of your loved ones, young and prospective mothers and families to be, who may find this discussion of the problem and some of the solutions helpful.