Radio Host Rodney Baltimore of HOT 105! Interviews Gene on Upcoming Healthcare Disparity Presentation

Did you catch Gene’s interview today on Hot 105! with Rodney Baltimore promoting his October 7th Healthcare Disparity Initiative presentation? If not, listen to the interview here and as a reminder, the presentation will take place at New Mt. Olive Baptist Church (400 NW 9th Ave., Fort Lauderdale). This event, which starts at 10 am, is being co-sponsored with MOUNTMENTUM, a strategic initiative of 3 churches in our community (New Mount Olive Baptist Church, Mount Bethel Ministries and Mount Hermon AME Church) and Haliczer Pettis & Schwamm. For decades, studies have shown that African Americans face greater healthcare challenges than other racial groups. Despite this knowledge, over the past 60 years, there have been insufficient changes and improvements to these disparities. Gene will discuss this crisis and the ways how community members can navigate the healthcare process, more knowledgeably and safely.

Visit Mount Olive Baptist Church’s website to learn more about this event: