CWT360° Ep. 10 Pt. 2: Critical Race Theory (CRT): What Are We Afraid Of?

In our second episode on Critical Race Theory (CRT), we dig deeper into the concerning attempts by those in power to prevent the accurate teachings of the history of racism in America. Listen in as Dr. Butler makes the excellent comparison that “taking race out of the story of American history is like taking a leading character out of your favorite movie.” Now the plot doesn’t make sense. The same thing happens when they try to take the issue of race and racism out of the teachings of American history. It’s incomplete, doesn’t make sense and most importantly, it is dishonest. That is one of the reasons why omitting parts of our history should matter to all Americans. The intentional rewriting of the past is a tool that authoritarians use. It is dangerous for the future of democracy when we seek to alter history by erasing parts of it. Luckily our hosts say that there is hope, that they have seen the motivation of our young people  to learn the truth, and change our world for the better.