CWT360° Ep. 15: The War Against Civil Rights & the Law

Our first Can We Talk? 360° podcast interview of 2024 features Jerry Girley, Founder and Managing Partner of The Girley Law Firm, and his daughter, Brooke Girley, Professor at the Delaware Law School and Of Counsel at The Girley Law Firm. Jerry and Brooke talk to me in this episode about the origins of civil rights and civil rights law, examples of transformative civil rights battles, and the ongoing efforts to redefine civil rights in the United States. We discuss their own personal legal battles, after a Florida judge recommended 30-day suspensions based on their vocal criticisms following the overturning of a $2.7 million jury ruling in one of Jerry’s cases. Finally, we review how some legal experts have now raised concerns that these proposed suspensions may have more long-lasting and far-reaching negative impacts on the free speech rights of lawyers in Florida.