CWT360° Ep. 09: Modern Love: The race, gender, class, and sexual orientation challenges couples face today.

We had an excellent podcast interview recently with my guest Dr. Thelma Tennie, ​​LMFT, Certified Clinical Sexologist, and owner of the successful private practice, Dr. Thelma Tennie and Associates, LLC. Our discussion revolved around the subject of modern love and how regardless of whether you are in a same sex, heterosexual, married, or unmarried relationship, we actually all deal with similar issues. I discuss with her what unique issues couples are facing in the 21st Century and how Dr. Tennie counsels individuals on dealing with these types of challenges. Dr. Tennie also walks us through how one of the most important factors in a healthy relationship is honesty, not only with your partner, but to be honest with yourself about what your true authentic self looks like/what your needs are.