Motivational Moment Ep. 01: Calm in the Midst of My Storm

A hallmark of our CTW360° platform is that of authenticity. Lack of true authenticity and transparency are common factors within so many social ills. Without truth and speaking from the heart there can be no hope for harmony within humanity. True transparency reveals joy and pain, the good and the bad, the peaks and the valleys and all are necessary to establishing trusting exchange. As such, I’m expanding our platform to share with you my personal journey. On January 18th I received the most frightening news in my life…however…never have I been so calm within the midst of this storm. Why is that? Well, I believe it has to do with God’s grace and being chosen to show the manifestation of His healing powers here on Earth. So please join me on my new, on-going journey to healing and triumph, which will in turn, foster more Motivational Moments to come.